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Office Candy Soft & Chewy – Old-time caramel, toffee, taffy PLUS…100% favorites

What better gift than office candies – favorites going back in time, many over 100 years. Our Soft & Chewy collection contains caramels, taffy, toffee and more! Whoever receives the gift does not need to know some go back 100-plus years. Or that most started by small, boot-strapping entrepreneurs?  Or even that many of the office candies actually started as medicines! All they REALLY NEED TO KNOW – is that the Office Candy selections taste great and that your gift is true.

OF COURSE – you can always send our Office Candy to YOU!

Comes in an 8-ounce stay-fresh jar, individually wrapped and ready-to-go!

Heath Milk Chocolate English Toffee Candy Bar: A delicious toffee crunch covered with smooth milk chocolate. Made in 1928, now an American retro classic. 1.4 ounces, easy-to-carry, neat-to-eat.

The heath bar is a deliciously thin, even candy bar, consisting of a layer of English toffee wrapped in a smooth layer of milk chocolate. It’s the perfect combination of soft, smooth and crunch. Born in the U.S., the Heath Bar remains one of the nation’s great candy bars…all thanks to the doings of a schoolteacher and his two sons.

Bit-O-Honey, Classic 1920’s Toffee

Toffee… With A Bit Of Honey!

Chicago had long been a candy haven, thanks in part to the World’s Fair of 1893, when numerous candies were sold or introduced. This delicious toffee was born in Chicago in 1924 – the first toffee to contain honey. The Heath Bar, the classic chocolate covered toffee candy bar, also first appeared on the market that year! Bit-O-Honeys became a penny candy store favorite and a delicious tradition that’s been passed down for generations.

Grandmother’s Candy – A Gift of Love

Many remember – or heard about – the Depression, the two World Wars, and other hard times when sugar was in short supply. When sugar came back, sugar-rich candy was a sign of affluence, certainty and the knowledge that everything was alright. Bit-O-Honeys are just one of the many candies you might find in our Grandma’s Purse collection, inspired by the real candies you’d find in your grandmother’s purse!

Mary Janes: Paul Revere to Grandma’s Toffee

The year was 1914 when Charles Miller created the delicious Mary Jane in the basement of his home. The kitchen was once his father’s candy kitchen but earlier, a more famous resident resided there: Paul Revere. Mary Jane, now well-over 100, still wears the same dress and shoes and bares a startling resemblance to the Mary Jane of the Buster Brown cartoon, popular at the time. The resemblance is so clear Buster Brown creator Richard Outcault sued Miller for copyright infringement, but lost.  The toffee left the market recent – when the NECCO company went under – but is back with a different size and shape, but still the candy you remember. We’re glad she’s back. We missed her. Comes in a six-ounce bag with the story on the label.

Office Candy Collection Set – 3 kinds of office candy, 8-oz each, individually wrapped, proven favorites!

What better thank you gift than office candies -favorites going back in time, many over 100 years. Whoever receives the gift does not need to know some go back 100-plus years. Or that most started by small, boot-strapping entrepreneurs?  Or even that many of the office candies actually started as medicines! All they REALLY NEED TO KNOW – is that the Office Candy selections taste great and that your “thank you” is true.

OF COURSE – you can always send our Office Candy Set to YOU!

What’s inside? Three 8-ounce jars – Classics, such as strawberry-filled candies and sour balls; Chocolate Break – from old time candy bars to peanut butter cups; and Soft & Chewy, such as caramels, Tootsie Rolls, and toffee. Comes with the thank-you card of your choice.

Penny Candy Store In A Box – Thank You

What is Penny Candy?

Penny Candy came to life in the mid-1800s and has been around ever since. For decades, and generations, these sweets were sold for a penny a piece, sometimes less. Our penny candy collection contains a variety of different treats commonly sold as penny candy – from the 1800s through the 1950s!

Penny Candy in the 1800s

The earliest penny candies were NECCO Wafers (1847), candy sticks (1837) and pulled creams (mid 1800s). Jelly beans, enjoyed by Union soldiers, descended from Turkish Delight, originally a 9th century Arabic sore throat remedy. The 1880s and 90s brought circus peanuts, actually made for travelling circuses, Tootsie Rolls, and salt water taffy – which didn’t actually contain salt! The turn of the century brought Lifesavers, first sold at saloons.

The Early 1900s & Prohibition Sweets

The early 1900s brought Jawbreakers – a descendent of the sugar plum candies of the 1600s! Bit O’Honey and other toffees hit shelves in the 1920s, along with Dum-Dums, named by a salesman thinking children would remember the name. Charleston Chews, named for the speakeasy dance, and Nik L Nips – wax bottles that looked like nips of whiskey. An accountant at Fleer Gum invented Dubble Bubble – the first bubblegum in the United States in the late 1920s.

Retro Penny Candy Explosion

What lay ahead in the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s? A drink mix-turned-candy, Pixy Stix, appeared. Later, the company received so many complaints from parents about their children making messes they created a cleaner version of the same candy – the SweeTartFireballsSatellite Wafers, candy buttons, and other wonders candy store shelves. Our Penny Candy box is filled with a variety of favorites – candies may vary based on availability.

Watch Candy Historian Susan Benjamin Talk About Penny Candy

Fabulous Fandango Box – The 20th Century’s Finest! – Congrats

A collection of fun and fabulous retro candies! Pixy Stix (1940s) a drink mix turned candy; Sweet Tarts (1960s), made from the Pixy Stix only neater; explosive Pop Rocks (1957 ); Licorice Laces (1925), featured in Charlie Chaplin’s “The Gold Rush”; Rock Candy (1600s), later used as a candy & medicine;  Jolly Ranchers (1949); Dubble Bubble (1928), first bubble gum ever; Satellite Wafers (1950’s) & Zotz (1960’s), circa the UFO craze; Hot Tamales (1950s); Caramel Creams (1917), still family-owned; Bubblegum Cigarettes (1940s/50s), for kids playing grown-up; Candy Bars hit the market in 1912, by 1930 around 100,000 were on the market; Jaw Breakers (1901) of the sugar plum family. Retro, fabulous, FUN!

Fabulous Fandango Box… brought to you by the nation’s ONLY researched-based historic candy company. Our founder, Susan Benjamin, is author of numerous articles, even a book on the subject (her tenth) on Smithsonian’s Best Books About Food. Everything you get from True Treats is the best possible, most delicious version of her scholarly research – and Fabulous Fandango Box is no exception. True Treats products are sold in museum gift stores across the county. Enjoyed in homes everywhere!


1800s Candy – Walk the century from early sweets to complex candies! For history lovers!

1800s Confectionery Shop

A sample of 12 1800s candies that started as medicine and ended as  fun food. Some are so familiar, you’d be surprised they go back so far – think: Good n’ Plenty. Others are started as medicines  – think candy drops – and still others such as caramels, and taffy were all-about fun food in the late 100s. Comes with an historic image on the front and story of the candy on the back. Seriously – history never tasted so sweet!




Retro Birthday Box – 12 Samples w/story, historic image & your choice of birthday card

Dynamic Candy for a Dynamic Century

Known as “retro” candy, “old time candy” or “vintage” candy, the assortment of 20th century candy is as dynamic and surprising as the century itself. Think about it – the 20th century started with horse-drawn carriages and ended with rockets in space. The Industrial Revolution became just industry and air travel became an everyday event! Give the gift of the retro period with everything from Zotz to Boston Baked Beans. Comes with 12 samples, plus a keepsake tag with an authentic retro image on the front and the stories on the back. PLUS – the BIRTHDAY CARD of your choice. Selection may very depending on availability, but always retro and always right!


Fabulous Fandango Box – The 20th Century’s Finest!

Fun, Fabulous Retro Candies!

Enjoy the 20th century’s finest with this gift box brimming with vintage candies! The early 1900s brought candy cigarettes, wax lips, and Jawbreakers – a descendent of the sugar plum candies of the 1600s! Classic caramels followed, like Goetze’s Caramel Creams (still family owned), the Sugar Daddy – whose original name was the Papa Sucker! Who knew?


The 1920s also saw an explosion of old time toffee candies like the classic Bit O’Honey.

Wait, Pixy Stix Started Out As… What?!

Believe it or not, this beloved retro candy started out as a drink mix! In the 1940s, the classic Pixy Stix hit the market. Parents wrote to the company so frequently saying the candy was too messy and their kids were covered in sugar that 20 years later, a compressed version of Pixy Stix, the SweeTart, appeared! Who knew?

explosive Pop Rocks, (Created in ‘57 ); Licorice Laces (1925) featured in Charlie Chaplin’s “The Gold Rush” ; Rock Candy (1600s), used as a candy & medicine, exploded with color in the 20th        century; Jolly Ranchers (Colorado, 1949); Dubble Bubble (1928), first bubble gum ever; Satellite Wafers (1950’s), circa the UFO craze; Hot Tamales (1950s);