Dubble Bubble Gum - Retro Candies in Harpers Ferry, WV - True Treats Historic Candy

Dubble Bubble Big Bar – First Bubblegum in U.S.A.


Classic bubble gum flavor, in the fun, classic bubble gum design and package! An authentic retro treat still enjoyable today! One “big bar.”

A Bit of History

Made in 1928 by Walter Diemer, a 23 year-old accountant at the Fleer Gum Company who experimented with gum bases in the company lab for years before coming up with Dubble Bubble. He used pink because it was the only coloring in the lab at the time. Diemer went on to stay at the company as a V.P., taking time, early on, to travel to shops where he taught shopkeepers how to blow bubbles. They, in turn, taught their young customers.

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