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True Treats Historic Candy, based in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, is the nation’s only researched-based historic candy store specializing in candy from the first in history through the mid-1900s. To give our customers a wonderful and memorable experience, we find the most authentic selections available. These often come from the original sources or from experts who make the selections just for us. Our shop is designed in chronological order with the history on the labels – if customers want to know more, our shopkeepers are ready to tell them.

“This isn’t so much a candy store as it is a museum that sells its Confectionery displays. True Treats traces the history of old-school sweets—and we mean old, old school, like hickory bark, enjoyed by the Iroquois—to 19th-century Buttermints and retro faves such as Goo Goo Clusters, Mary Janes, and Squirrel Nut Zippers.”

Washingtonian Magazine
November 2016

“We’ve decided to round up the best candy stores throughout the U.S and True Treats Historic Candy has been recognized on our list, The Ultimate Guide to the Sweetest Candy Shops in the U.S! …We’ve created the feature to encourage our travelers to visit these ‘sweet’ spots during their trip to the states. We will be publicizing this news throughout the upcoming month to further promote these great shops.”

– Trip Advisor, International

Food Magazine raves that True Treats is the “Must-See Sweet Spot” in West Virginia and one of the top 50 destinations for confections in the nation! named True Treats Historic Candy the best candy store in wild and wonderful West Virginia in their feature, The Best Candy Store Everyone is Talking About in Your State

Hi Susan.

Here are the pictures from our visit on May 5. We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to your store. Thank you for providing the historic perspective on the various sweets. It is fascinating.
I told all my friends about your shop. We hope to return soon. My personal favorite were the Mary Janes. The caramels were also addicting. We were not crazy about the mint juleps. I also bought the fizzy candy balls but have not tried them yet. I also treated myself to a cup of ginger tea from the Boston tea party. It was very soothing. I added honey to it.

Hope to see you again soon. For now we will shop online!