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Summer Surprises! Really Old Time Lemonade Mix, Taffy Surprises, Sharks Outside the Water....

Snack Size, Full Size, For Your Pocket, Bag or Purse. Always Fun. Aways Delicious. History included, of course.

OLD time candy with modern ice packs, so shipping is never a problem. IMAGE: Postcard from 1904 called "A Joke on the Beach.from 1904.

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Take-A-Break in the Heat!

In the the old days, chocolate treats weren’t available in summer. The weather was too hot. NOW – with our new-fangled Take-A-Break box, you get individually sized potions of 100-plus year old favorites to stash in your cooler, hotel fridge, or anywhere else. And leave the napkins at home.

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What's New: Popcorn Balls!

What’s New is What’s Old! Try these popcorn balls for a taste of an 1800s favorite. Throughout the 1800s, people enjoyed popcorn as a cereal, in cakes…all sorts of ways! Lucky for us, popcorn balls remain today. 

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Candy Timeline

History never tasted so sweet as when you travel our sweets and sugars timeline from first in history through the 1900s. Shop, discover, and be surprised!

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Gift's They'll Love

Looking fora unique gift? Discover award-winning treasures from the nation's only historic candy store, specializing in sweets, sugars and teas. Enjoyable. Unforgettable.

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Summer Sweets

Enjoy the sweets & treats that have been a hit in the summertime, for decades!

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Botanical Teas & Treats

Discover the many teas, powders, waters and more once used for health, flavor and medicinal properties. Comes with our exclusive Tea Lovers' Guide.

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Retro Favorites

You'll find it here! Candy from the past. Some you remember, some you thought vanished forever, and some a surprise! ALWAYS in good taste. Comes with the story of each!

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Never Ending Chocolate

Rich in history and taste, chocolate has fed the human spirit from ancient Olmecs to modern days. Now you can sample the range - and get the story of each - as told by True Treats Founder on the History Channel!

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Find the medicine for whatever ails you! Used in Apothecaries for thousands of years & are now the sweets and treats of today!

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Sugars, Syrups, Sweeteners

Experience sugars and sweeteners as you never have before! From Biblical syrups to just-picked roots and leaves. Delicious. Surprising. Multi-purpose.

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American Experience

Taste American history for yourself. Native American foods. Revolutionary War strategies. Industrialization, medicines. Whatever the time, sugars and sweets were there and they're back for you. The flavors that made America!

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The Candy Timeline

Unlock the story of candy
  • First in History

    From Native American barks, to the first candy ever, to the sugars and sweets of the Bible. Healthy. Medicinal. Tasty. Symbolic.

  • 1500s-1700s

    Candied Peels and petals, chocolate sticks, sugar plums, & other sugary treats.

  • 1800s

    The Industrial Revolution brought a tidal wave of change in sweets.

  • 1900s

    The rise of candy we know today – from Candy Bars to Sponge Candy.

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