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Individually Sized Old Time Delights!
Nonpareils, Fruit Slices, Buckeyes,
Gummy Candies,
Seeds & Nuts...

Enjoy snack-size Take-A-Breaks. Just the right amount when you want to take a break, PLUS the surprise story of each!

Favorites from yesterday for camp, car, beach or back-to-work

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Corn Flake Candy! Celebrate WV!

Here’s to the Corn Flake Candy. Not uniform or perfect – but delicious, like peanut butter fudge with crunch. From a WV church cookbook from the 1930s. How good can Appalachian homemade be?  Click here to find out!

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This Week's Selection

Remember the rich, buttery flavor of Butter Rum Lifesavers? The kind grandmothers loved and shared? Experience it again.


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The Candy Timeline

Unlock the story of candy
  • First in History

    From Native American barks, to the first candy ever, to the sugars and sweets of the Bible. Healthy. Medicinal. Tasty. Symbolic.

  • 1500s-1700s

    Candied Peels and petals, chocolate sticks, sugar plums, & other sugary treats.

  • 1800s

    The Industrial Revolution brought a tidal wave of change in sweets.

  • 1900s

    The rise of candy we know today – from Candy Bars to Sponge Candy.

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