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Welcome to True Treats, The Nation's Only Historic Candy Store. Early History - 1900s!

Candy Timeline

Travel our sweets and sugars timeline from first in history through the 1900s. History never tasted so sweet

Candy Timeline
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Looking for a unique gift? Discover award-winning treasures from the nation's only historic candy store, specializing in sweets, sugars and teas. Enjoyable. Unforgettable.

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We're one of the BEST in West Virginia! Check it out here!

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Botanical Teas

Discover teas, powders, roots and waters used health, flavor and medicine. Comes with our exclusive Tea Lovers' Guide!

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Early History

Barks and roots, the first candy in history, and the original chewing gums: tastes and textures unusual and amazing!

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Many common fruits, nuts, and spices arrived in the 1500s to the 1700s and new forms of confections.

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The 1800s saw rapid changes in the food universe with the rising star of fun-time candies. From Yum to Wow, always a treat.

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You'll find it here! Candy from the past. Some you remember, some you thought vanished forever, and some a surprise! ALWAYS in good taste.

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Chocolate Love

Rich in history and taste, chocolate has fed the human spirit from ancient Olmecs to modern days. Now you can sample the range.

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Meet Susan Benjamin

True Treats’ president Susan Benjamin is an avid researcher of historic sweets, sugars and teas in North America. She has appeared everywhere from NPR to the History Channel. Her business, True Treats, was even one of the questions on Jeopardy. Her most recent book, Sweet as Sin, was on Smithsonian’s Best Books About Food.

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The Candy Timeline

Unlock the story of candy
  • First in History

    From Native American barks, to the first candy ever, to the sugars and sweets of the Bible. Healthy. Medicinal. Tasty. Symbolic.

  • 1500s-1700s

    Candied Peels and petals, chocolate sticks, sugar plums, & other sugary treats.

  • 1800s

    The Industrial Revolution brought a tidal wave of change in sweets.

  • 1900s

    The rise of candy we know today – from Candy Bars to Sponge Candy.

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History of The Heart Flipbook