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We, at True Treats, hear LOTS of comments about what people love and loathe about specific candies. We hear it in our retail shop. From our wholesale customers. And, yes, online. Through it all, we have a good idea about what people like, but were still curious about what they didn’t like. So, we asked our friends at the True Treats Experience (please join, if you haven’t already) and Facebook page, about their least favorite candies. We figured – why not?? We got well over 100 responses and listed the most hilarious here!

But first, let’s start with True Treats’ FAVORITE ANSWERS:

  • Unfortunately, I can’t think of any I don’t like!🤪 – Caroline C Williams
  • Vegetables I could name a dozen but candy I’m very flexible. Maybe bad nougat but still in a pinch it’s doable. – Shirley Goodson

(Well, what would you expect?)

Now for the LEAST favorite candies:

  • Anything with nuts, mostly macadamia nuts they’re awful!! – Karina Elliott
  • Susan’s Response: The macadamia nuts are also among the top nuts people love. Go figure. People are on the fence about nuts added to other candies, like chocolate bars. MEN love them. Women – not so much
  • Circus peanuts, them orange disgusting peanuts man.  – Kristin Annissa Vasa
  • Susan’s Response: You’re not alone. They’re pretty much THE most controversial candy. They were also a prototype for Lucky Charms in the early ’60s
  • Whoppers. They taste like chalk covered in wax – Layna Dias
  • Susan’s Response: We’ve heard from others who don’t like Whoppers. So, you’re not alone. They remain a movie theater favorite, though, since being branded in 1949. Interesting sidenote: malted milk was invented in the mid-1800s as infant formula.
  • If we’re counting stuff like this: I order from a company that sells international sweets and I once got something called mastic toffee. That lives in infamy in my brain as the worst candy I’ve ever had. Otherwise, warheads. -Marianne Bossert
  • Susan’s Response: Don’t blame you. Mastic, known for its health benefits, comes from a resin which was the first chewing gum in written history. What does it taste like? Tree.
  • Bit o Honey, peanut butter taffy. 🤢 – Michelle Hall
  • Bit-O-Honey or those foil wrapped fake-strawberry granny candies with the ooze inside. – Michelle Perkins-Cole
  • Hardshell with gooey strawberry gunk in the middle – David Dickey
  • Susan’s Response: Actually, people tell us all the time that their grandmothers enjoyed the strawberry filled hard candies, so you’re right, Michelle. They are Granny candies. People request them all the time and we have a steady supply, but clearly not everyone feels the same. Thanks for letting us know.
  • About Candy corn: ewwww – Helen Luick
  • Those orange circus peanuts and candy corn. Once you see someone puke them, that about does it for me. – John Mize
  • Susan’s Response:  Candy Corn, originally called “Chicken Feed” in the late 1800s, wasn’t made for Halloween. People enjoyed them (or not!) all year round.

And a few more:

  • That pink candy that tastes like pepto bismol. 🤮 – Tami Acosta
  • All-time least favorite? Those peanut butter things that came wrapped in squares of yellow wax paper. Big bags for 88 cents. Great for handing out on Halloween, not so great when you ate them! – Jennie Gist
  • FB Response: Sounds like Mary Janes.  – Randy Strausbaugh
  • Eat-More bars, in Canada. Tastes like nuts in tar to me. – Linda Bachmanek
  • Anything with peanut butter and chocolate combined. – Stephanie Lee
  • Response: Stephanie Lee do you still eat peanut butter and bologna -Kristine Waller-Lindsey
  • FB Response: Nope. I’ve been a vegetarian since I was 16.


BLACK LICORICE:  The #1 least liked flavor

Who loves licorice?

Note from Susan: Just about all the responses from licorice NON-lovers (those who put black licorice in the annals of controversial candy) were women. As we found out in another such survey, indeed, women don’t seem to like black licorice. Actually, they REALLY don’t like black licorice. But men do. In fact, it ranks up there with candy bars. As for me? I LOVE black licorice. Maybe it’s my inner man coming out?

Here are a few of the responses – sound-bite style – to the least popular candy:

  • Anything with black licorice !!
  • Candy corn black licorice white chocolate
  • Licorice anything
  • Licorice!
  • Licorice
  • Black Licorice ties with Circus Peanuts
  • Black licorice and hot cinnamon
  • Black licorice is the worst


Licorice Laces, Anyone?


SOME (a few) rushed to black licorice’s defense. Here’s one:

Note to Licorice Hater Nicole Evans from Kathy Brown: Nicole Evans what?? I love black licorice!! What planet are you from?!! I love you tho!

RUNNER-UP In the Least Liked Contest

NECCO Wafers,  Brought to you by NECCO


Note from Susan: One more mention of Circus peanuts. THEY REALLY ARE controversial. Most people do say their grandmothers love them.  I’m a grandmother. I love them, as long as I’m eating 1/2 a month. Behind the scenes: Circus Peanuts: The True Circus Candy

Circus Peanuts – Grandma’s Favorites