Classic 1920s Heath Bar-Chocolate & Toffee - True Treats Historic Candy

Heath Bar – 1924 Chocolate Covered Toffee


Chocolate covered toffee with a sweet and slightly savory flavor and satisfying crunch. Always a favorite!

A Bit of History

People enjoyed chocolate sticks (1750s), milk chocolate (late 1800s), marshmallows (mid-1800s), and peanuts (1700s). These came together in the “combination candy bar,” first made in 1912. The Doughboys sampled the candy bars, including the Clark Bar and Peanut Chew, in their rations during WWI and loved them. What followed was an explosion of candy bars, from the Zagnut to the Heath Bar! Candy bar marketers positioned their product as an inexpensive meal in a bar and good food, so the candy not only survived, but thrived during the Depression. Today’s candy bar also goes under other names: sports bar, granola bar, diet bar, protein bar, health food bar.

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