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Tootsie Roll Big Bar


The classic Tootsie Roll Big Bar is a candy lovers dream – same flavor, same texture and same family owning the company since the 1930s. The pieces are beveled so you can share.

A Bit of History

The origin of the Tootsie Roll most likely starts with Leo Hirshfield, an Austrian candy-maker who developed the classic treat in the late 1800s. Hirshfield named the candy for his daughter Claire, whose nickname was “Tootsie.” It was also an affectionate name parents called their children’s toes, which may factor in…who knows. The candy was the first “penny candy” to be individually wrapped, making it possible for candy vendors to avoid weighing and measuring them and to ensure they stayed clean and safe. This was of great importance to the candy universe during the polio epidemic which many said was spread by by unclean candy. Today, the ingredients and texture of the Tootsie Roll remains the same.

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