Fabulous Fandango Box with Card


A collection of fun and fabulous retro candies! Pixy Stix (1940s) a drink mix turned candy; Sweet Tarts (1960s), made from the Pixy Stix only neater; explosive Pop Rocks (1957 ); Licorice Laces (1925), featured in Charlie Chaplin’s “The Gold Rush”; Rock Candy (1600s), later used as a candy & medicine;  Jolly Ranchers (1949); Dubble Bubble (1928), first bubble gum ever; Satellite Wafers (1950’s) & Zotz (1960’s), circa the UFO craze; Hot Tamales (1950s); Caramel Creams (1917), still family-owned; Bubblegum Cigarettes (1940s/50s), for kids playing grown-up; Candy Bars hit the market in 1912, by 1930 around 100,000 were on the market; Jaw Breakers (1901) of the sugar plum family. Retro, fabulous, FUN!

Fabulous Fandango Box… brought to you by the nation’s ONLY researched-based historic candy company. Our founder, Susan Benjamin, is author of numerous articles, even a book on the subject (her tenth) on Smithsonian’s Best Books About Food. Everything you get from True Treats is the best possible, most delicious version of her scholarly research – and Fabulous Fandango Box is no exception. True Treats products are sold in museum gift stores across the county. Enjoyed in homes everywhere!



Fun, Fabulous Retro Candies!

Enjoy the 20th century’s finest with this gift box brimming with vintage candies! The early 1900s brought candy cigarettes, wax lips, and Jawbreakers – a descendent of the sugar plum candies of the 1600s! Classic caramels followed, like Goetze’s Caramel Creams (still family owned), the Sugar Daddy – whose original name was the Papa Sucker! Who knew?


The 1920s also saw an explosion of old time toffee candies like the classic Bit O’Honey.

Wait, Pixy Stix Started Out As… What?!

Believe it or not, this beloved retro candy started out as a drink mix! In the 1940s, the classic Pixy Stix hit the market. Parents wrote to the company so frequently saying the candy was too messy and their kids were covered in sugar that 20 years later, a compressed version of Pixy Stix, the SweeTart, appeared! Who knew?

explosive Pop Rocks, (Created in ‘57 ); Licorice Laces (1925) featured in Charlie Chaplin’s “The Gold Rush” ; Rock Candy (1600s), used as a candy & medicine, exploded with color in the 20th        century; Jolly Ranchers (Colorado, 1949); Dubble Bubble (1928), first bubble gum ever; Satellite Wafers (1950’s), circa the UFO craze; Hot Tamales (1950s);


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Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 11 × 6 × 3 in

Birthday, Congrats, Get Well, Thank You

Card Style

Ballons, Cars, Fireworks, Flowers, Roses, Strong Man