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Nik L’ Nips- Delicious and Fun to Chew


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Wax bottles that can be chewed, delicious liquid candy inside–Nik L Nips are fun for adults who remember and kids who discover them today! One pack contains five different flavors. Call if you’d like individual pieces for parties and other events.

A Bit of History

A classic prohibition era candy- made by the makers of Wax Lips, “Nik” for a nickel, and “Nip” for the appearance of a nip of whiskey.  The oldest piece of gum ever found was chewed tree resin from about 9,000 years ago (or longer). People have chewed resins since- the first American chewing gum was made of spruce resin. The Nik L Nips and other wax gums are made without resin.


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