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Wait, Pixy Stix Started Out As… What?!

Believe it or not, this beloved retro candy started out as a drink mix! In the 1940s, the classic Pixy Stix hit the market. Parents wrote to the company so frequently saying the candy was too messy and their kids were covered in sugar that 20 years later, a compressed version of Pixy Stix, the SweeTart, appeared! Who knew? Comes in a bag of 10 with the history of the label.

Pixy Stix and Beyond… What is Retro Penny Candy, Anyway?

Penny Candy came to life in the mid-1800s and has been around ever since. For decades, and generations, these sweets were sold for a penny a piece, sometimes less. The earliest old time penny candy is still beloved today – NECCO Wafers, pulled cream candy, jelly beans, and circus peanuts. The 1900s brought vintage candy favorites such as Jawbreakers – a descendent of the sugar plum candies of the 1600s, Dubble Bubble – the first bubblegum, satellite wafers, candy cigarettes, and so many more.

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