Toys and Treats Box


Wait, Yo-Yos Are How Old?

Full of fun, classic toys like heroic paratroopers (introduced to the American toy box in 1938), timeless toy flutes… and ancient yo-yos?! Believe it or not, the yo-yo was first enjoyed by children in Ancient Greece as early as 440 BC! The first modern yo-yo company was founded in California in 1928 by Pedro Flores, a Filipino immigrant.

What About the Candy?

Paired with space age satellite wafers, fizzy Pop Rocks, colorful rock candy, and more retro favorites. Candies may vary based on availability. The young and young at heart are sure to love this fun filled collection of classic toys and candies this Easter! Comes with a True Treats Easter card!

Check out this video on the Toys and Treats Box from Candy Historian Susan Benjamin!

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