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Pop Rocks Cotton Candy Flavor


There is nothing on earth quite like the fizz and pop of Pop Rocks. Whether a small amount on the tip of your tongue of a big burst in your mouth, the texture, the flavor, and the experience is unique. Pop Rocks will not explode in your stomach with a swig of Coke and just about everyone agrees it’s fun, nostalgic and harmless.

A Bit of History

The Cold War was a time of rockets exploding into space and nuclear bombs igniting in movies, TV shows and political debates. UFO sightings were everywhere – from farm fields to urban settings. Candy – being candy – made the most of it. Explosive candy. Rocket shaped pops. And plenty of fizz. All meant to be fun…and all in good taste. Which it was! The Pop Rocks were ahead of the trend…sort of. They were developed by two chemists at General Foods in 1961 but didn’t reach the commercial candy shelves for another 15-or-so years. It was off-and-on in terms of popularity… and should go in the annals of candy history for being the most falsely accused candy. Remember the rumor? That a blend of Coke and Pop Rocks will explode in your stomach. Seriously?

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