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Multi-Color Rock Candy


Multiflavored rock candy in a clear capsule: all about fun and flavor.  And it all started with crystalized sugar  used as a medicine, a fermenting agent, a preservative, a candy, a cocktail enhancer, and now this! As beautiful as it is flavorful.  Seriously – who could resist. Approximately 8 ounces.

A Bit of History

Rock candy originated hundreds of years ago as a medicine, preservative, and fermenting agent. In fact, rock candy was used in the 1800s in a saloon favorite: rock and rye. So, you imagine that Prohibitionists had a watchful eye on rock candy…they even tried to close down rock candy producers. Flash forward a decade or so and rock candy returned – in multi-colors, flavors, and shapes. Enjoyed as a candy, sweetener, and, as always, the perfect complement to almost any drink. Comes in a capsule with a variety of flavorful colors.

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