Chocolate Cigarettes


Candy Cigarettes – Older Than You Think!

A penny candy favorite! Candy cigarettes originated in the 1800s as chocolate sticks. In the 1930s they became the familiar chalky candy cigarette with the red tips. A popular candy for kids and the parents who remember buying them at candy stores, ice cream trucks, and other fun places.

What About the Bubblegum Cigarettes?

In 1928, Walter Diemer, a 23-year- old accountant at Fleer Gum invented bubble gum.  The only food dye on the shelf was pink….and the color stuck. Bubblegum merged with the candy cigarette in the 1950s to create the paper-wrapped favorite bubble gum cigarettes, complete with a puff of sugar “smoke.”  Price per pack.

Check out this video from Candy Historian Susan Benjamin about the Candy Cigarette!

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