Colonial Home Brew Kit with Card


HAPPY BIRTHDAY! True Treats’ Exclusive Colonial Home Brew Kit, just as they made it in Mount Vernon.

Small beer, named for its low alcohol content, was given to servants, enslaved people, or children at Mount Vernon. A beer with a higher alcohol content was served to the Washington family and guests. The recipe below is adapted from a handwritten entry in George Washington’s French & Indian War journal “To make small beer.”

Recipe and history on True Treats’ own keepsake card with another card full of Happy Birthday Wishes.




Colonial Home Brew Kit

Cheers!! takes on all-new meaning with the Colonial Home Brew Kit, adapted from a handwritten entry in George Washington’s French and Indian War journal, “To make small beer.” The birthday celebrant will delight in making the so-called “small beer” – the process is quick, easy and ready in only 24-hours.


The beer was enjoyed by colonists and militiamen, servants and enslaved workers, as well as the children of Mount Vernon. The flavor is light and refreshing with lower alcohol content than the average beer. With the Home Brew Kit, the toasts – and birthday wishes – will not be forgotten.

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Birthday, Congrats, Get Well, Thank You

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