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Fudge… and The Vassar College Girls?

Fudge was discovered by girls from Vassar while visiting Baltimore Maryland in the late 1800s. There they encountered a candy-maker selling an interesting and delicious chocolate from a pushcart. He told the girls how to make it and they did – over a paraffin lantern in their rooms.

Why The Name Fudge?

Because it wasn’t exactly chocolate, but was “fudging” it… in other words, making it up. Word spread and college girls started making their own versions everywhere. Vanilla, peanut butter fudge, and many others soon came along.

Chocolate Fudge… brought to you by the nation’s ONLY researched-based historic candy company. Our founder, Susan Benjamin, is author of numerous articles, even a book on the subject (her tenth) on Smithsonian’s Best Books About Food. Everything you get from True Treats is the best possible, most delicious version of her scholarly research – and Chocolate Fudge is no exception. True Treats products are sold in museum gift stores across the county. Enjoyed in homes everywhere!

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