Chocolate Covered Pretzels With Sprinkles


The story of the pretzel is all about love… who knew? First made in the 600s by Italian monks possibly as a food for Lent, pretzels soon came to signify two arms crossed in the bonds of matrimony – hence, some believe, the phrase “tying the knot.” Our chocolate covered pretzels are the perfect marriage of the 7th century pretzel enrobed in 19th century chocolate then lovingly covered in fun, colorful sprinkles. Chocolate covered pretzels weren’t the only heart-shaped candy symbol of love popular in the 1800s. Conversation Hearts, made by the brother of Oliver  Chase, inventor of the Necco Wafer, originated in the 1860s and got its heart shape about 40 years later. Now a Valentine’s Day classic. Each bag includes the history on the label.

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