ZotZ - True Treats Historic Candy - True Treats Historic Candy



A seemingly innocent hard candy. Festive orange. Apple. Cherry. Then, as the candy starts top melt or…even worse, if you bite into it, a fizzy, tart explosion. 100% tasty. 100% fun. And 100% a product of the Cold War. Comes in a 6-ounce bag with the history on the label.

A Bit of History

The Cold War was a time of rockets exploding into space and nuclear bombs igniting in movies, TV shows and political debates. UFO sightings were everywhere – from farm fields to urban settings. Candy – being candy – made the most of it. Explosive candy. Rocket shaped pops. And plenty of fizz. All meant to be fun…and all in good taste. Which it was! The ZotZ were originally made in Italy and hit U.S. shelves in 1968.  In case you’re wondering – what makes the powder fizz? Malic and tartaric acids mixed with sodium bicarbonate. Add in water – or saliva – and the fizz begins.

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