Wonderful Treats of Oz


The Wonderful Wizard of Oz , by L. Frank Baum, was published in 1900. The dazzling story followed the adventures of Dorothy, Toto and their comrades, the Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Cowardly Lion. Unlike the famous movie of 1939, Dorothy’s ruby slippers were silver. All who entered the Emerald City had to wear green hued glasses with locks holding them in place. And food was an important part of the plot.

Throughout her journey, Dorothy’s “meals” consisted of bread and butter, a much appreciated food of the time. Some meals were made up of fruit, others nuts, and sometimes both. At the time when Baum was writing his book, fruits and nuts were considered fun, festive foods sold alongside candies in shops…while being delicious and nutritious!

Sometimes, the travelers were invited to rest at homes along their journey, where they enjoyed cakes and cookies (except the Scarecrow and Tin Man, who didn’t need to eat). Plenty of sweets glistened at the  Emerald City: lemonade, popcorn and candy—all green!  And the lollipops Dorothy received from the Lollipop Guild in the classic 1939 movie? They weren’t in the book. Still, the munchkins played such a central part to movie and book, we’ve added some lollipops here for you!


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