Bonomo Turkish Taffy - Historic Candy Shop in Harpers Ferry WV - True Treats Historic Candy

Turkish Taffy – Smack It, Crack It!



Turkish Taffy was actually made in the 1920s by accident when a candy maker added too many egg whites to what he hoped would be marshmallows. After years of experimentation he created the Turkish Taffy which was neither “Turkish” nor, technically, taffy. Eventually, an immigrant family named Bonomo… who actually were from Turkey, bought the company.  They lived in Coney Island which, at the time, was all about beauty queens, weight-lifted, and generally boardwalk campiness. The Turkish Taffy fit right in.   

How to eat: Freeze the “taffy”  then break it into melt-in-your-mouth bits or just eat it as is.  Comes in vanilla, wild banana, chocolate, and strawberry.

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