Timeless Treats of Little Women


The story of Beth, Jo, Meg, Amy, and others in the March circle of friends and family, is about coming-of-age in the 1800s. So, of course, food is woven into the plot. Some foods, especially, raised their spirits,   whether in times of peace, prosperity, war or wanting.

One example is candy, also called “bonbons,” such as mid-19th century hard candies, gum drops and jelly beans. A special favorite of the March family was chocolate drops, which appeared numerous times in the book. Another candy, the “distracting French bonbons,” were made in the French style and considered especially elegant.

Fruit and nuts were also among the feel-good foods of the time, sold in shops alongside the sweets. Among the variety mentioned in Little Women were raisins, dates, figs and almonds. The nuts may have been coated with sugar or other flavors, or enjoyed cracked from the shell. Tea-time, whether a tea party or cup during the day, likely included a piece of toast, cake or other baked treat.

Sugar was always there throughout—whether for cooking or to plunk in the tea. But Amy found another use: “I think anxiety is interesting,” observed Amy,   eating sugar pensively. “The girls couldn’t help laughing…at the young lady who found consolation in a sugar bowl.”


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