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Sugar Babies – A1920’s Tradition


Eat Sugar Babies and remember: these caramel sweets have been around for almost 100 years. They still have the traditional chewy caramel center and the crisp shell but gain ever more memories as the years – and generations – go on!

A Bit of History

The Sugar Baby came along in the 1930s, possibly named for the song “Let Me Be Your Sugar Baby.” But the idea of a sugar baby – a woman who receives riches from her older and typically well-to-do lover – was a well-known idea which made its way into movies, books and other media. By the 1930s, branding was key to sales and a memorable name meant a lot. Who could forget “Sugar Baby” and the whole family of caramel sweets – Sugar Daddy and chocolate covered Sugar Mama, now, sadly, deceased.

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