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Old Time Caramel – A Truly American Treat!

Caramel was invented in the 1850s, a true American original based on the process of caramelizing sugar. Delicious All-American Caramel was born! Soon, people added caramel to everything from chocolates to caramel covered marshmallows – AKA the caramel biscuit or “modjeska.” 

Caramel in the 1900s and Beyond

In the early 1900s, caramel found its way into a new treat called the candy bar. The 1920s and 30s saw Sugar DaddySugar Babiescaramel creams, and of course, Milk Duds explode on the market. America was hooked on caramel! Today, caramel is still one of the nation’s favorite retro candies. 

So Why Are Milk Duds Called “Duds”?

The candy makers originally set out to create smooth, spherical caramel candies coated in chocolate. Instead, they wound up with lumpy shapes and declared the milk chocolate coated candies “duds.” But they certainly weren’t a dud – they were a hit! Price per box.

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