Gummy Delight Box


Gummy Candy… A Sore Throat Remedy?!

Can you believe your favorite candy had its origins as a medicine? Gummy candies began with Turkish delight, made in the Arabic apothecaries as a confection and medicine for sore throats in 900 C.E. In the 1700s, a Turkish sultan fell in love with the sweet – hence the name – and word traveled around the world.

What’s a Jelly Bean Anyway?

When the Turkish delight first appeared in the U.S. no one can say for sure, but it was the basis of the gum drop, made in the early 1800s. In the 1860s, someone in Boston put a hard sugar shell on the delight and sent it to the Union soldiers. That became known as the “jelly bean.”

The Birth of “Gummi” Candies

Across the sea, a German candy-maker created delight-based little bears called “rubber candy.” The German word for “rubber” is – yes! – “gummy.” Plenty of other candy-makers jumped in, making their own version of gummy candies. The first modern vegan gummy candy was made in Sweden in the 1970s – Swedish Fish! Also in that decade, the humble jelly bean became the Jelly Belly, made by David Klein.

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