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Strawberry-Filled Candy – A Gift of Love


Crisp hard candy shell with a warm sweet jelly-like center. Delicious and a favorite of grandmothers for generations along with sour balls, butterscotch disks, clove candy…well, you know the list. A symbol that all was right in the world when World War II ended. A symbol of affluence after the Depression. Carry the tradition with friends, family, even strangers you happen to like!  Bring them into your home and share! Comes in a 6-ounce recyclable bag with the history on the label.

DID YOU KNOW: Fruit was once sold together with candy. Family events, holiday parties contained sumptuous strawberries beside chocolates and cakes.



A Bit of History

The Strawberry Filled Bon Bons, aka Strawberry Candy Button, are one of many candies that started as a medicine. As the use of machinery expanded, these medicines evolved into delicious hard candies – the Strawberry Filled Bon Bons among them. So popular and important were hard candies, during the World Wars,  the government sent them to troops. On the home-front – no such luck. Sugar was hard to find and candy even less available. Once sugar returned, hard candy, with its associations of fun, flavor and good health, rose in esteem. Grandmothers’ packed them in their purses, placed them in candy bowl and dispensed them freely. A symbol of love, affluence, and peace-time abundance.  The Strawberry Filled candy was among them – a favorite for its flavor, texture and look.

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