Colonial Apothecary Box


Colonial Era Remedies, Recreated!

Apothecaries of the 1700s were stocked with herbal brews, including a cough and cold remedy tea made from honey, horehound, and thyme. Our bestselling blend, a Colonial Headache Remedy Tea, combines lavender, rose flower, sage, and marjoram. First made in the 1500s, this brew was said to cure headaches.

Native Medicine and… Colonial Stress Relief?

European tradition was infused with Native American knowledge, as seen in our Native American Blend which combines dandelion leaf, ginger root, chickweed, and wild cherry bark. To relax, colonists relied on a mixture of mint and jasmine, a Sweet Bath. Enjoyed as a calming tea or as a fragrance in bathwater.

Yesterday’s Medicines, Today’s Delights!

To prepare any of our teas, add a teaspoon or two to hot water and steep for 3-5 minutes. Add your favorite sweetener as desired. Looking for drink recipes using our authentic tea blends? Learn how to make a Horehound Hot Toddy and other drinks in our Recipe Box!

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