Colonial Apothecary Box – Four authentic blends, with recipes & history


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Enter the world of 18th century apothecaries in North America – a fusion of European, African and Native American influences. The ingredients are herbal, all-natural, and true to the time.  Our Cough and Cold Remedy tea is made from a unique variety of botanicals including horehound and thyme.  First made in the 1500s, our bestselling tea blend,  Colonial Headache Remedy Tea, combines lavender, rose flower, marjoram and other botanicals, used for their curative powers and delicious taste. Our Native American Blend was a panacea fa varied depending on location and practices of each nation. Our blend combines dandelion leaf, ginger root, chickweed, and and other botanicals used in various parts of North America. As for the Colonists, when stress became too much, they relied on  a Sweet Bath, a calming blend of mint and jasmine,  enjoyed as a tea or  fragrance in bathwater.

Are our apothecary tea blends actually curatives? We are historians, not physicians. So we’ll leave it as this: people used and enjoyed these “medicinal” teas for centuries. If nothing else, they’re delicious. And that’s bound to make you feel better, no matter what ails you.

To prepare any of our teas, add a teaspoon or two to hot water and steep for 3-5 minutes. Add your favorite sweetener as desired. Looking for drink recipes using our authentic tea blends? Learn how to make a Horehound Hot Toddy and other drinks in our Recipe Box!




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