Colonial Apothecary Box


Colonial era medicine in North America blended the apothecary practices of Europe with the herbal knowledge of the Native Americans. Eighteenth century North Americans treated common ailments with a variety of herb and spice-based teas. For coughs and colds, colonists used a mixture of horehound, thyme, and honey. For headaches, a tasty blend of marjoram, sage, rose, and lavender. For stress, they enjoyed a blend of jasmine and spearmint, either as a calming tea or dropped into bath water for a sweet, relaxing soak. Native Americans used chickweed for liver and eye complaints, ginger root for upset stomach, and cherry bark for coughs and sore throat – brought together in our earthy Native American Tea Blend. To prepare any of our teas, add a teaspoon or two to hot water and steep for 3-5 minutes. Add your favorite sweetener as desired.