Alice’s Wondrous Treats


Perhaps more than any story of the late 1800s, Alice’s  Adventures in Wonderland is about food. Depending on what she ate, Alice grew or shrank or folded up like a telescope! Alice ate most of the food because it was a treat, or because she was curious to try it.


Early on her adventure, she found a bottle with a label that said “DRINK ME.”  So, she did. She then found a little box with a small cake inside, upon which the words “EAT ME” were marked in currants. Later, a shower of pebbles rattled at a nearby window and soon turned into little cakes!


Another time, Alice was suddenly expected to give a prize to the winners of a race. Fortunately, she found a    popular candy called “comfits” in her pocket. She had enough of these sugar coated nuts and fruits for everyone.


Black pepper was also present in Alice’s adventure, mostly because it made everyone sneeze. It also made Alice think of barley sugar—her favorite candy.   Treacle, much like American molasses, was another of Alice’s favorites.


Of course, Alice did attend a “Mad Tea Party” where tea was enjoyed, but sweets were not served. She was offered wine although none was served. No wonder Alice said her adventure was “curiouser and curiouser.”


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