War Time Sugars and Sweets Gift Set


Sugars and sweets were more than a welcome addition to wartime supplies. They were critical to the lives of the men and women who were fighting, as humans must have sugar to survive. Sugar also served as a medicine, fermenting agent, preservative, and flavoring. Where did these sugars and sweets came from? That depended on time period, location, and industrial development. In the Revolutionary War, food may have come from the Continental Congress or sutlers who pitched make-shift shops and bum boats who sold supplies at sea. In the Civil War, government-operated commissaries opened their doors and, in World War I, the War Department initiated rations to make food less perishable and more nutritious. At all times, those at land, sea and air received welcome packages from home, whether churches, associations, and, most welcome of all, family and friends. As for the selections—sugar chunks and cacao beans during the Revolution; molasses pulls and jelly beans in the Civil War; chocolate covered raisins in World War I; sour balls in World War II. And much more. Always enjoyed. Always appreciated. Rich with love.