Yesterday’s Medicine Sampler


Yesterday’s medicines – today’s candies! Delight in a variety of candies, flavored with the botanicals once considered medicinal. Twelve samples of candies, ranging from today’s retro favorites such as lemon and peppermint, to hard-to-find flavors such as sarsaparilla, clove, and wintergreen. Each sample contains five pieces, 60 in all, made with a 1920s medicine mold used by the original candymaker. Still made in the same small store in small batches. Not a medicine. Just hard candies in flavors you’ll enjoy.


12 flavors, 60 candies total, of candies once used medicine, & card with a historic image on the front and a medicinal story on the back.


Made in 1920s apothecary mold.


Wait… Retro Hard Candy… As Medicine?!

Believe it or not, old time hard candy started as a medicine, flavoring, and food from gardens, forests, and orchards. From them came some of the best-known and well-remembered flavors of yesteryear. Enjoy a variety of vintage hard candies all with flavors that have a surprising medicinal past.

Yesterday’s Medicines, Today’s Delights!

Our hard candy sampler includes wintergreen, originally a medicine Native Americans used to treat sore throats. Clove used for dental health and freshening the breath. Peppermint was used as a treatment for upset stomachs and anxiety. Sarsaparilla, the “root” in root beer, was thought to cleanse the blood and soothe coughs.

What Does Horehound Hard Candy Taste Like, Anyway?

Horehound the ancient bitter herb, was used as a headache and sore throat remedy. Horehound candy has a flavor described as somewhere between licorice and root beer. Spicy cinnamon was thought to lower blood sugar and fight infections and even spicier cayenne pepper was used by a dentist to help manage his patients’ pain. Black pepper was thought to aid with circulation and digestion.

Ginger, Lemon, Peppermint, Anise… Classic Hard Candy Curatives

Used to treat stomach pains and morning sickness, ginger root is still a commonly used natural remedy. Lemon, thought to cure colds as well as anise and spearmint, soothing agents for the stomach used for nausea and digestive issues, still find their way into modern herbal curatives. These lozenges are a tasty nod to the wellness practices of the past and a feel-good indulgence you’re sure to remember.

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