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What better gift than office candies – favorites going back in time, many over 100 years. Our Soft & Chewy collection contains caramels, taffy, toffee and more! Whoever receives the gift does not need to know some go back 100-plus years. Or that most started by small, boot-strapping entrepreneurs?  Or even that many of the office candies actually started as medicines! All they REALLY NEED TO KNOW – is that the Office Candy selections taste great and that your gift is true.

OF COURSE – you can always send our Office Candy to YOU!

Comes in an 8-ounce stay-fresh jar, individually wrapped and ready-to-go!


When to give office candies?  Office candies have been around for well over 100 years, giving busy workers a break from the stress and strain of daily work and calm down. Relax. Enjoy. The first office candies depended on the location of the office, of course, but certainly included hard candies – known to freshen the breath – and  a variety of penny candies such as taffy and toffee which were fun, tasty, and inexpensive.

Why should you buy office candies?

  • Saying thank. Most office candies have been around for decades and longer. Which means that people enjoy them. So what better way to show appreciation than to give something you know they’ll like!
  • Giving a get-well present. When people can’t work, they often find themselves stranded. Office candies are the best possible link! They show you care and are enjoyable to eat AND a reminder of the good times yet to come. Even BETTER!!! office candies are the perfect comfort food – tasty, in reasonable portions, and rich with memories, as well.
  • You’re working from home. Office candies are “perfectly portioned” and easy to open, basically no fuss, no muss no bother. Which was one of the reasons the office candies of today started in the first place.
  • You want to share. You can dispense these candies at work or at work-at-home, equally appropriate for kids and grown-ups.
  • A great retirement gift! What better way to bring out the good times at work than to share the office candies that gave everyone a lift. The selections have a long shelf-life, too. So they’ll enjoy the good times well after the paper work is done!
  • Celebrate the Professional in your life. Whether called secretary, administrative assistant, or administrative professional that person was a powerhouse, ensure that office systems flowed smoothly and that everyone was able to work their best. And, of course, was the keeper of the candy – available to all as a respite, a pick-me-up and a chance to enjoy. These are some of the chocolates, chewy treats, and classics they provided – and still do today

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