Ginger Root Tea


Ginger has long been considered a panacea – perfect for alleviating stomach upset, congestion, nausea, dizziness and the list goes on and on. Ginger tea is just as remarkable as a flavoring, whether an enjoyable tea, a blend with milder tea, or an ingredient in cocktails. If you’re so inclined, you can even use the pieces to baked goods. Regardless, our ginger is cut into small buts – not shredded – for a stronger and more versatile product. Comes with 6 ounces of ginger – good for approximately 50 cups, depending on taste.  Use one teaspoon per cup, steep for two or three minutes and enjoy. Perfect with a dash of milk, a little honey, or whatever strikes your fancy.



Ginger has a long, much documented history, used for spiritual and physical health and for protection against evil spirits. A cultigen, ginger does not grow wild but is dependent on humans to cultivate it. Its was carried around the world starting in the year 5000 BCE in Southeast Asia. It eventually wound up in China, the Mediterranean, the British Isles and North America, carried by 17th century British sailors to relieve sea sickness. Throughout this time, it was used to prevent scurvy, ease upset stomach, and ignite lust, as it was used as an aphrodisiac. So important was ginger, Confucius (475–221 BC) reportedly at ginger daily. Today, ginger is widely used for a variety of purposes, most commonly to ease nausea, relieve congestion and, above all, to enjoy for its spirited flavor!

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