Car Ride Box


Road trips became the all-American vacation favorite experience after World War II. Campsites expanded, motels settled in with perfectly portioned swimming pools, and lakes and beaches opened their shores as destinations.


As for the roads – highways surfaced on the national landscape thanks to President Eisenhower, diners and rest stops sprouted up, including the first highway chain “Howard Johnson’s”, and fun food found a ready audience with kids in the back seat of the car. This indispensable kit is about traditional back seat fun, complete with finger games once popular in full-size and pint-size, and made-for-the-car board games and books with plenty of room for an old-fashioned diary, aka travel journal.


And don’t forget the treats! No sticky stuff here—just mid-century classic candy bars in a no-muss, no-fuss wrapper, tasty hard candies with powders, fizzes, and pops, and candy you can wear and eat! As for the video games? Relaced by good ole’ conversation.