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True Treats Candy Hosts Free Historic Water Tasting 

From Sparkling to Spring the Waters are Unique

Includes Candy and Soda Samples – Event Followed by an Old Time Movie



On April 21st a surprising culinary treat was available to all at True Treats Historic Candy’s theater: an historic water tasting. Yes – water. In this free taste-bud opening experience, the public sampled over 20 kinds of water from numerous time periods and categories from the first in the nation through today’s municipal, spring-fed, and sparkling water, with descriptions of them all.


According to True Treats Candy founder, Susan Benjamin, the event was part of Harpers Ferry’s Earth Day WaterFaire which celebrates the area’s river heritage. True Treats decided to join in from a culinary perspective, inspired by Berkeley Springs West Virginia’s international water competition, where Ms. Benjamin was a judge. She said: “Each water sample has its own distinct characteristics that reveal so much about our history and what drinking water has become today.”


The water tasting gave visitors the opportunity to vote on each selection – the winner will be announced through the media, on the True Treats Web site, and through e-mails to interested participants. In addition, the event included:


  • Samples of hard candies, formally known as “boiled sugars,” made with a water base, and related treats;
  • Samples of ginger beer, sarsaparilla and other old time favorites;
  • A lottery with an historic prize for the winner;
  • Displays of historic water jugs and glasses from the 1700s-mid-1900s; and
  • Post-tasting old-time movies