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Satellite Wafers AKA “Flying Saucers” and “Those Things” as in “OH – I remember those things…”  are an enigma. What are they? Who made them? Are they REALLY supposed to look like flying saucers?  Here’s a quick Q&A telling you all you need to know!


Who Invented Satellite Wafers?

Satellite Wafers were invented in Belgium in the 1950s by – of all things! – a communion wafer maker. Sales were down for unknown reasons, and he needed to do something new and exciting to sell his product. So, he put two communion wafers together, filled them with nonpareils (the little sprinkles on ice cream and chocolates), and created a candy shaped like a flying saucer.

But Why Make a Flying Saucer Candy?

The 1950s, when Satellite Wafers were invented, were significant for many things – beatniks, bobby socks, the Cold War, and with it…the space age. The Cold War was scary, on the one hand. Kids had to practice dropping under their seats at school should they need to hide in the event of a nuclear attack (an unlikely solution), and UFO sightings and reported kidnappings were on the rise. On the other hand, as usually happens, candy was on the rescue, providing fun renditions of serious matters…with all the necessary bang and pop! Think: Pop Rocks, made in the ’50s by a scientist; Astro Pops, made in the early 60s by two former NASA rocket scientists; fizzy candies such as Zotz; and more! Fun, tasty, and uplifting! Like a rocket ship or flying saucer.

 CIA Drawing of Satellite Above Trees, Date Unknown


NASA Picture of Rocket Taking Off, 1969


True Treats Depiction of Satellite Wafer Spotted on Unnamed Countertop, 2024

What is the Difference Between Flying Saucers and Satellite Wafers?


What Do Satellite Wafers Taste Like?

Perhaps the most difficult and, yes, perplexing question to address is what do Satellite Wafers taste like? Because these ever-popular candies aren’t actually about flavor – they’re about TEXTURE. Imagine a soft, melt-in-your-mouth satin yielding to tiny, sweet morsels with satisfying crunch. Or, should you have had one, imagine communion wafers that, in mere mortal moments, become candy. OR, even better, experience what it’s like to be living during the Cold War…with all the FUN and none of the worry.

AS FOR FLAVOR: they’re light and sugary with a soft undertone of fruit. The nonpareils inside are pure sugar, too small to be cloying.

Are Satellite Wafers Still Popular?

In the U.S. Satellite Wafers are considered a popular retro candy, albeit hard-to-find (except at True Treats). In England, as well as Belgium and Ireland, their popularity is among the top 12 favorites.

 Box of Satellite Wafers

Are Satellite Wafers good for you?

Good for you? Not in the health-style of feeling good. And definitely not in the Communion Wafer sense of feeling good.  More like Satellite Wafers are fun. And fun makes you feel good. Right? There you go!