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The Glamour of Valentine’s Day


Dress up and share the glamour of Valentine’s Day with some of our most delectable treats!
From rich chocolate truffes to edible sensual massage oils, there’s history and glitz behind them all.  Here are Susan’s top picks this Valentine’s Day!

Massage Oils

A sure fire way to inspire ancient and erotic love. Available in rich chocolate, silky vanilla, and spicy cinnamon.


A sign of love, romance, and courtship – dating back to the 1800s. Layers of lavish chocolate coving sweet fillings from fudge to red velvet to peanut butter.


For the kids! And everyone else! Lollipops and Valentine’s Day go hand-in-hand since the 1920s. Pick one or all three!

French Creams

Smooth and delicate creamy mints perfect for the most elegant affection.

Rose Water

Long symbolized love and beauty – add to cocktails, tea, and recipes. Comes in an attractive apothecary jar!