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Coming to Harpers Ferry with a group of kids from summer camp, guests from a tour group, or family and friends? Let us know and we can arrange for entertainment in our theater at 144 High Street. We fit up to 40 people at one time. We have an excellent sound system and temperature control – a real plus in our 175 year old building.

Talk and Tasting. We provide interesting and flavorful talks on the topic that will interest your group most, whether sweets of the Civil War era or the evolution of sugars and sweets from early history to the 1990s. Participants get a bag of candy to sample as we discuss each one.  You can find ideas on our listing. Fee: $10.00 a person, minimum of 15.

Movies. Everyone loves old movies…but none so much as viewers who have never seen them before. We have everything from Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton to the first Micky Mouse. In the mood for something with more punch? We have early 3 Stooges and horror flicks, too. Cost $3.00, with a sample of time period sweets. Free add-on to a talk.

Monthly events. join us for our monthly happenings, such as our tastings of Prohibition-inspired sodas and candy, foods of the explorers and our annual Appalachian Harvest. Check out our twice-monthly game nights that actually start at 3:00 in the afternoon and include family games, such as Tiddly Winks and Chinese Checkers and card games from Bridge to Poker. Most events are free.

To learn more, check out our calendar or call or e-mail to discuss.

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