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Grapefruit Taster Results!

We gave our tasters a variety of things starting with grapefruit-ade, then we gave them some vanilla sugar, a pulled cream candy, a grapefruit slice, AND a cream filbert. Here are some of the things they said.




  • “My mom served cut grapefruit with a lot of sugar on it for breakfast.”
  • “I was most surprised by the grapefruit powder. Very good flavor but too sour even with the contents of the vanilla sugar.”
  • “Most surprised with the grapefruit powder! Smelled like fresca, but then I took a sip and it was not sweet at all! puckered me up!”
  • “It would be nice to add to water when water gets boring and as an afternoon pick me up if I’m getting sleepy!”
  • ” Loved the taste! Was more authentic tasting than the comparable product from True Lemon. However, it was soooo strong I had to use half of what was recommended and add all of the vanilla sugar provided plus a dash of stevia. Once the ratio was correct for me I loved it. Side note my sour-loving 13 year old could do the powder straight in only a little water!”
  • “The grapefruit powder was the biggest surprise. It was surprisingly strong and had a nice grapefruit flavor”
  • “lovely opal color when mixed, fast dissolve time, strong citrus smell without being overpowering, as a drink it has a nice bite but it doesn’t linger on the tongue.”
  • “I will from now and always want this to make mimosas with, equal parts OJ, Champagne, and a 1⁄4 tsp of grapefruit powder. (I’m weird like that)”



Vanilla Sugar


  • “I used it to top blueberry muffins (put on before baking) and it added a nice crunch and hint of vanilla.”
  • “My three year old LOVED this on its own. She tasted some on her finger and her eyes lit up! I liked how it sweetened the grapefruit drink without making it too sweet.”


Kentucky Cream

  • “the surprising part was not the taste, but the velvety texture to it when eating it, and the feel of the candy. Aesthetically, looks very homemade. I have never tried this candy or type of candy, and was pleasantly surprised. The taste was sweet with a little tart twist, but neither overpowered either one and combined very well.”
  • “The household favorite. It tastes like the center of a Carmel cream candy!”
  • “has a much more complex flavor than the simple sugar taste I was expecting!”
  • “Whoa! I did not expect this to taste so much like frosting and have such a great texture. It’s softer than a normal buttermint that most people are probably used to, and has a very cooked flavor, indicative of homemade candy. It’s very rich and sweet – just one is very satisfying!”
  • “they look so innocent! The texture is a surprise of sweet creaminess after a light outer coating. They are perfect!”


Cream Filbert

  • “May have to buy some and try it in a hot beverage like coffee!”
  • “Creamy after the crunchy exterior with a great flavor- a resounding hit here”
  • “I’ve been wanting to try one of these for so long! I was so happy to see it in the box. It truly gives you context to “visions of sugar plums dance in their heads”. I can imagine kids rolling the nuts in sugar for days, just waiting for Christmas when they could finally eat the treats! I couldn’t bring myself to try this in the grapefruit drink because I wanted to taste it in it’s pure state. Delicious! I recommend popping the whole thing in your mouth at once instead of nibbling at the ball. The texture and flavors combined in it’s entirety really make this treat shine.”


Grapefruit Slice

  • “a citrus squishy delight for the gummy aficionado!”
  • “The slice was extra thick and very juicy. It had a very satisfying and fresh tooth feel when biting into it, and the initial “burst” of grapefruit flavor really got my taste buds awake.”
  • “I do need to stop by soon and get those grapefruit jelly slices”


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Had to adjust the sweetness! I was shocked by how tart it is. Lol.
Trying again with a little vanilla sugar and a bit more water