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Take A Break Gummy Worms

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These mini-gummy worms are as tasty as the regular size, but in break-size portions. They come in a 1.5 ounce package - perfect for lunch boxes, picnics and car rides. Weather hot? They're easy to slip into a cooler. As for the history: you'll enjoy a snack that began with the Turkish Delight in the Arabic apothecaries, circa 900 CE. Flash forward to the mid-1800s and you'll find an iteration of Turkish Delight - the Jelly Bean and in 1922, the Gummy Bear - followed by the Swedish Fish came around in the 1950s. Then - at LONG LAST - the gummy worm and countless other gummy candy ... in shapes and flavors to numerous to mention. Other historic relatives: gum drops, Wine Gums, and fruit slices. Image: A young customer enjoying gummy worms outside of True Treats' retail store in Harpers Ferry, WV.

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