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Gibraltors Lemon

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The year was 1800, and Mrs. Mary Spencer and her son were shipwrecked in Salem, Massachusetts while coming over from England. The townswomen felt sorry for her and raised money to get her a barrel of sugar. With that, she made the Gibralter, which she sold in front of a church. She made so much money, she bought a horse and buggy and traveled far and yon selling her Gibralters until she bought a house. There, she opened the first candy store in the nation. It remains in operation to this day. The first commercial candy in the U.S. premiered in 1806 and is still made the same way! Gibralters are of the sugar stick or "soft paste" family with a sweet, melt-in-your mouth texture. They're hand-cut in the original style with the original ingredients. Comes in peppermint or lemon.

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