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Chocolate Walk - Chocolate Favorites through Time

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The best kind of gift for the chocolate lover. A sample of chocolates from the very first eaten by the ancient Olmecs through the 1700s, 1800s into the 1960s. The selection includes handmade bars, handmade peanut butter cups, and milk chocolate buds (the first chocolate kiss)...from the late 1800s. There's 1920s bridge mix and nonpareils, plus truffles, late 1800s with deliciously, modern twist, and more! All with a tag giving the story of each. Each bite about culture, food, fun and, of course, love in the USA! Comes in a clear-topped bag with a keepsake tag containing with an historic image on one side and the history of the candy... PLUS an historic card with the a vintage chocolate image on one side and a timetable of candy on the other. SHIPS all year. Warm weather shipments include cold packs and leave our facility early week to avoid delays.

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