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Colorful Rock Candy on a Stick

The tasty and dazzling rock candy on a stick was made as a 20th century cocktail stirrer and, of course candy. Who knew rock candy has existed as a medicine, fermenting agent and preservative for centuries, used to sooth sore throats and stomach ailments. Today, it’s additional use is closely linked to making us happy!

Watch Candy Historian Susan Benjamin talk about the History of Rock Candy

Multi-Color Rock Candy

Multiflavored rock candy in a clear capsule: all about fun and flavor.  And it all started with crystalized sugar  used as a medicine, a fermenting agent, a preservative, a candy, a cocktail enhancer, and now this! As beautiful as it is flavorful.  Seriously – who could resist. Approximately 8 ounces.

Watch Candy Historian Susan Benjamin talk about the History of Rock Candy

1800s Candy – Walk the century from early sweets to complex candies! For history lovers!

1800s Confectionery Shop

A sample of 12 1800s candies that started as medicine and ended as  fun food. Some are so familiar, you’d be surprised they go back so far – think: Good n’ Plenty. Others are started as medicines  – think candy drops – and still others such as caramels, and taffy were all-about fun food in the late 100s. Comes with an historic image on the front and story of the candy on the back. Seriously – history never tasted so sweet!




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3-Century Candy Set – 1700s, 1800s, 1900s. 36 samples plus keepsake cards with authentic period illustrations & candy stories

A Taste of Candy History from Colonial to Retro

Follow the timeline through three centuries of exploration, war, settlement, enslavement and freedom. The rise of industry to the technology boom. And sugar played a central role in the lives of everyone who lived it, every step of the way. Experience the crunchy, sweet, savory, boozy, and botanical flavors of the 1700s, 1800s, and 1900s with this authentic curated collection. Contains 36 samples – three from each time period – PLUS a keepsake card with an authentic period illustration on the front and the story on the back.

Retro Candy, 20th Century Favorites, 12 Samples & keepsake card w/stories! Fun, Bang & Pop

What’s Inside?

Known as “retro” candy, “old time candy” or “vintage” candy, the assortment of 20th century candy is as dynamic and surprising as the century itself. Think about it – the 20th century started with horse-drawn carriages and ended with rockets in space. The Industrial Revolution became just industry and air travel became an everyday event! Give the gift of the retro period with dynamic and FUN candy from Zotz to Boston Baked Beans. Comes with 12 samples, plus a keepsake tag with an authentic retro image on the front and the stories on the back.


Pop Rocks – Retro Fun!

Pop Rocks… Retro Fizz & Pop!

There is nothing on earth quite like the out-of-this-world fizz of Pop Rocks. Whether a small amount on the tip of your tongue or a big burst in your mouth, the texture, the flavor, and the experience is unique. This dynamic candy was developed by two chemists at General Foods in the 1960s – William A. Mitchell and Leon T. Kremzner.

Will Pop Rocks & Soda Really Make My Stomach Burst?!

Pop Rocks didn’t hit the market until the 1970s. A space age favorite alongside other classics like Astro Pops, satellite wafers, and fizzy, sour Zotz. Despite that persistent legend, Pop Rocks will not explode in your stomach with a swig of cola and just about everyone agrees it’s fun, nostalgic and absolutely harmless.

Watch Candy Historian Susan Benjamin talk about the History of Pop Rocks

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1700s Time Capsule with a Letter from the Time Traveler, in a stylish capsule

The perfect chance for kids to experience history in an entirely new way – a visceral experience where they taste the flavors of the past, with samples from the Colonists, Native Americans, and others of the time.  The time capsule is filled with ten items in all – such as candied peels, Turkish delight, sugar plums, licorice root, rock candy and stain glass.  Most important, they’ll find a letter from the Time Traveler written just for them, telling them about each selection. They’ll also find a sampling of modern  candies as a point of fun and comparison.

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