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Coconut Marshmallows

The softest, sweetest marshmallows you could hope to find. It’s amazing to think the marshmallow began as a plant that grew in marshes (which still makes a pretty good tea, especially when hot). In the 1800s the plant was out and the newly invented instant gelatin was in. Marshmallows came and went, this one is a keeper, made in small batches in a small woman-owned business in Massachusetts. Comes in a heat-sealed bag with six, large marshmallows.

July 4th: Marshmallows, Patriots and Our First Founders

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Where Have All the Halloween Marshmallows Gone?

Where Have All the Halloween Marshmallows Gone? Today, when you look at kids’ Halloween Bags you see individual serving size…

Caramel Gift Box – Thank You

Caramel Through the Ages

Explore caramel through the ages starting with the originals. Delicious all-American caramels and the caramel marshmallow aka “caramel biscuit” or modjeska circa 1883, made when caramels and marshmallows were new! The turn of the century saw caramel as penny candy with Coconut Longboys and Goetze’s Caramel Creams.

You’ll Never Guess the Sugar Daddy’s Original Name…

The Sugar Daddy is a caramel-lovers dream, all caramel, nothing but caramel. Believe it or not, the caramel Sugar Daddy was first made in 1927, under the improbable name of the “Papa Sucker.” Fortunately, candy-maker James O. Welch Co. changed the name and soon after added the now discontinued Sugar Mama and the still popular Sugar Babies.

Retro (and Boozy!) Caramel Classics

The 1940s saw caramel cubes, perfectly square and perfectly caramel. Midcentury bourbon caramels and the baby of them all – chocolate bourbon caramels with salt – round off this caramel timeline. Keepsake card with the history included in every box.

Caramel Gift Box… brought to you by the nation’s ONLY researched-based historic candy company. Our founder, Susan Benjamin, is author of numerous articles, even a book on the subject (her tenth) on Smithsonian’s Best Books About Food. Everything you get from True Treats is the best possible, most delicious version of her scholarly research – and Caramel Gift Box is no exception. True Treats products are sold in museum gift stores across the county. Enjoyed in homes everywhere!


1800s Confectionery Shop – From medicine to fun food. 12 samples plus story – Thank You

From Medicines to Treats

The 1800s were a time of tremendous change. The rise of industry. The start of candy as we know it. Many sweets began as medicine, such as licorice root which people chewed to clean their teeth. Later licorice was enjoyed as candy. Horehound and rock candy were first used for upset stomachs and sore throats.

Saloons, Soldiers… and Jelly Beans?

Rock candy was also the main ingredient in a popular saloon drink, the Rock n’ Rye. Turkish Delight, a medicine for sore throat first sold in 9th century Arabic apothecaries, became the jelly bean in Boston and was sent to Civil War solders. NECCO Wafers were made in an 1847 apothecary and became one of the first penny candies.

Fun Foods & The Rise of Industry

Some candies, such as buttermints, were just for fun. After the Civil War, industry made new candies possible – like caramel, an American original. Marshmallows were all the rage thanks to new instant gelatin. Salt water taffy, the venerable favorite, was first made by the seashore in the late 1880s – but never actually contained salt!

The Nation’s Oldest Candy Brand…

The rise of industry also meant the rise of candy brands – many of which we still know today! Good & Plenty, the nation’s oldest candy brand, debuted in 1893. Tootsie Rolls, first made in 1896, were named for the creator’s daughter “Tootsie.” The first “kiss” candy, chocolate Wilbur Buds, became popular in the late 1800s. Their more famous rival, the Hershey Kiss, was actually a knock off version of the delicious original – the Wilbur Bud.

Delicious & Healthy – Better than Oatmeal!

Do NOT scoff at this! It’s WONDERFUL – just like oatmeal but with more texture! You might be thinking it would be too soggy. Soggy? Think about Corn Flakes or Rice Krispies after about 15 seconds of swimming in milk. Soggy? No – mushy. Popcorn cereal – textured, with a very subtle crunch. If you don’t like it, we’ll double your money back! Just kidding. That’s what they used to say – not now.

Retro Candy Mish-Mash of retro surprises in decorative 8-ounce bag, Old Time Fun

Fun! Delicious! Jam-Packed with Memories! Celebrate the marvels of candy that burst on the scene in the mid-1800s and soared into our lives ever after. Selections vary but may include taffy (1800s), caramels (late 1880s), bubble gum (1927), Zotz (1970s) and candy buttons (1950s)…plus lollipops and who-knows what?  Comes in an 8oz bag with an historic image on the front of the bag and a description of the candy. PLUS – your choice of gift card!

1800s Candy – Walk the century from early sweets to complex candies! For history lovers!

1800s Confectionery Shop

A sample of 12 1800s candies that started as medicine and ended as  fun food. Some are so familiar, you’d be surprised they go back so far – think: Good n’ Plenty. Others are started as medicines  – think candy drops – and still others such as caramels, and taffy were all-about fun food in the late 100s. Comes with an historic image on the front and story of the candy on the back. Seriously – history never tasted so sweet!




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