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Retro Birthday Box – 12 Samples w/story, historic image & your choice of birthday card

Dynamic Candy for a Dynamic Century

Known as “retro” candy, “old time candy” or “vintage” candy, the assortment of 20th century candy is as dynamic and surprising as the century itself. Think about it – the 20th century started with horse-drawn carriages and ended with rockets in space. The Industrial Revolution became just industry and air travel became an everyday event! Give the gift of the retro period with everything from Zotz to Boston Baked Beans. Comes with 12 samples, plus a keepsake tag with an authentic retro image on the front and the stories on the back. PLUS – the BIRTHDAY CARD of your choice. Selection may very depending on availability, but always retro and always right!


3-Century Candy Set – 1700s, 1800s, 1900s. 36 samples plus keepsake cards with authentic period illustrations & candy stories

A Taste of Candy History from Colonial to Retro

Follow the timeline through three centuries of exploration, war, settlement, enslavement and freedom. The rise of industry to the technology boom. And sugar played a central role in the lives of everyone who lived it, every step of the way. Experience the crunchy, sweet, savory, boozy, and botanical flavors of the 1700s, 1800s, and 1900s with this authentic curated collection. Contains 36 samples – three from each time period – PLUS a keepsake card with an authentic period illustration on the front and the story on the back.

Take-A-Break Box – Chocolate

Take A Chocolate Break – Anytime!

It’s here! A collection of chocolates that have been a hit for 100-plus years. Only in the old days, chocolate treats weren’t available in summer. The weather was too hot…and the chocolate would melt in moments.

Chocolate for Lunches or On-the-Go

Our modern Take-A-Break size gives you a new-fangled way to enjoy old time chocolate – individually sized potions that you can stash in your cooler, hotel fridge, or anywhere else. The selection includes mini nonpareils, chocolate buckeyes, caramel filled chocolates, raspberry filled chocolates… all in an easy-to-reach pull-out box. Individual selections may vary based on availability. So, Take-a-Break… you deserve it!