Turkish Delight. Authentic, All-Natural, Vegan. Made in small batches. The true flavor of Chronicles of Narnia. #1 Favorite candy at True Treats



Candy… As Medicine?!

Well actually, Turkish Delight was a medicine first and then a candy! Can you believe this delightful treat was originally sold in 9th century Arabic apothecaries as a treatment for sore throats? The sugar was thought to soothe the throat.

Is It Really Turkish?

Turkish Delight originated in Ancient Persia. In the 1700s, a sultan loved it, hence the “Turkish” name. A Bostonian later coated the candy with hard sugar and sent them to Union soldiers during the Civil War. That candy? The jelly bean! Eventually Turkish Delight appeared in the beloved Chronicles of Narnia.

Our Turkish Delight

Made with traditional ingredients, it comes in lemon, rose, pomegranate, and an assortment of mixed fruit flavors. Vegan. All natural. 10 pieces in a recyclable, heat sealed bag with the history on the label.

Watch this Video from Candy Historian Susan Benjamin on Turkish Delight!

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Lemon, Fruit, Pomegranate, Rose

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