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Classic Turkish Delight – 10th CE Favorite



Turkish Delight, known widely as “lokum,” was invented sometime around 600 CE but took its current form in the 10th century Arabic apothecaries. Like many sugar-based foods, it was a remedy for sore throat. In the mid-1700s,  Sultan Abdul Hamid I fell in love with it and, given his fame, word spread throughout the world. The lokum became known as “Turkish Delight” in late 1800’s England. In the 1860s, Boston confectioners put a sugar shell on the delight to create the jelly bean – later sent to Union soldiers. In 1921, it was used to make the gummy bear – the first gummy candy. Turkish delight is an international favorite which started as a remedy for sore throats and evolved into the jelly bean (1860s), gummy candy (early 1920s), and so much more. It’s all about its consistency–decadent and smooth, the height of gummy texture. Made with traditional ingredients, it comes in lemon, rose, and mixed fruit flavors. Comes in a beautiful gift box with the history on a tag. 18 pieces

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