Toys & Treats Box with Get Well Card



Kids and their parents will delight in this collection of old time toys and treats that will make anyone feel better. The selection includes puzzles, hand games, treats from lollipops to Pixy Sticks, all sized for playing in bed or anywhere else at home. For maximum engagement, they  don’t require the internet – just good old fun and a dose of imagination.  Perfect  for playing alone or sharing with another person. No muss, fuss and messes, just the treats that kids have enjoyed for generations.


Check out this video about the Toys and Treats Box from Candy Historian Susan Benjamin!


Get Well Soon with Classic Kid’s Toys

Full of fun, classic toys are older than most people think. Light weight heroic paratroopers were introduced to the American toy box in 1938, toy flutes were timeless, appearing everywhere from ancient fables to 1800s parades … and yo-yos?! Believe it or not, the yo-yo was first enjoyed by children in Ancient Greece as early as 440 BC! The first modern yo-yo company was founded in California in 1928 by Pedro Flores, a Filipino immigrant.

What About the Candy?

We call space age satellite wafers and fizzy Pop Rocks  modern, but they actually date back to the 1950s, As for jelly beans? Mid-1800s. And rock candy? At least to the 1700s – likely earlier. Regardless, all are one-part tasty, two parts fun.

The contents of this box will vary based on availability – but all will be old fashioned and fun. Comes with a card describing the contents – with an old time picture on front – and the GET WELL Keepsake Card of your choice.

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