Take-A-Break Mini Nonpareils - True Treats Historic Candy - True Treats Historic Candy

Take-A-Break Mini Nonpareils


Mini nonpareils with rich dark chocolate and sweet dragées speckling the top! In lunch or snack-time portions. Always tasty – never stuffy. 1.5 oz heat-sealed bag with the history on the label.

A Bit of History

18th century Americans ate and drank chocolate, made with spices and sugar. The dragee, tiny panned balls of sugar, decorated the top – opposite of what they are today. The nonpareil has remained popular ever since, now made with milk chocolate which was invented in the mid-1800s. The nonpareils were also a hit on the bridge age of the 1920s-1950s where bride players enjoyed small candies that enabled them to eat with one hand and hold the cards with the other.


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