Sweet & Savory Nut Box


Ancient Beginnings – Native Roots

Nuts – healthful, delicious, and historic! The Ancient Romans enjoyed dragees, or sugar-coated almonds – A symbol of good beginnings that arrived in North America with the European colonists. In North America, Native Americans enjoyed black walnuts, pecans, and filberts as power foods.

What About Peanuts?

Peanuts, originally from Argentina, arrived from Africa—enslaved workers of the South boiled them with spice. The mid-1800s saw peanut brittle — the first time peanuts were used in candy. Around 50 years later, peanuts were chocolate-coated and, like many nuts, paired with chocolate-covered fruits.

So, What Is Bridge Mix Anyway?

Known as “Bridge Mix,” chocolate covered nuts and fruits were enjoyed at bridge games, where players held cards in one hand and snacked with the other. Bridge and bridge mix were popular in the 1920s-1950s. Into the mid-1900s, more fabulous, bright, bold, and textured candied nuts appeared and are still enjoyed today.


Additional information

Weight12 oz
Dimensions6 × 5 × 2 in

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