Sour Peach Gummy Hearts


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Tart and Tasty! These modern candies are perfect for kids and grown-ups with a soft gummy texture, just loaded with flavor.  Comes in a 4-ounce bag and tied with a ribbon. A True Treats favorite. We’re lobbying to have them all year round!

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These Sour Hearts are most definitely modern, as the tart taste is relatively new. The backstory of the gummy is very old, beginning with the 10th-century Turkish delight, used as a medicine for sore throats as well as a tasty confection. Iterations of the Turkish delight abounded, including the Gum Drop of 1805.  In the 1860s, someone who likely lived in Boston, added a sugar shell to make the jellybean. Flash forward to the 1920s, and the delight took on yet another life as the gummy candy. Perhaps the most beautiful of all was the romantic Jelly Hearts.

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