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Angel Mints – A New Jersey Tradition!

The Angel Mint started in 1919 from a small candy shop in Wildwood, New Jersey, not far from the birthplace of another boardwalk favorite salt water taffy. The candy maker would give out free samples to the people in town. The townspeople adored the candy and could not stop raving about its “heavenly” qualities! Soon the Angel Mint gained traction! It was then the candy maker decided to name his divinely inspired candy the Angel Mint.

You Asked for Angel Mints… We Found Them!

Often found in grandmother’s purse – this candy was specially requested by our Facebook friends. You asked, we delivered! To this day, Angel Mints are still made in their original and traditional manner – hand made and over gas stoves. Each soft and creamy Angel Mint, similar in texture to the buttermint or Kentucky cream candy, is also wrapped in cellophane using original 1919 era refurbished K-H cut & wrap machines.

Check out this Video From Candy Historian Susan Benjamin on Angel Mints!


6 oz – Comes with a label with an historic image on the front and the story on the back!



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Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 5 × 3 × 2 in

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